Senator Ndume criticises Akpabio: “All Senators Received N2 Million”

Ali Ndume, the Senate’s chief whip, has criticised Senate President Godswill Akpabio for the ongoing debate over senators’ vacation pay.

Ndume reportedly added that Akpabio’s remarks on the allowance were “unbecoming of a leader” and that he had given the idea that the senators were given some unique or enormous sum of money.

According to Ndume, each senator earned N2 million as part of their statutory entitlement. He asserted that it is common knowledge that senators are similarly entitled to leave grants as employees when they use vacation days.

Ndume claimed that he was “making this comment with a heavy heart” because he thought Akpabio’s remarks had stirred up needless commotion. He stated that Akpabio ought to have used more tact when speaking, and he shouldn’t have implied that the senators were getting special treatment.

Ndume claimed that he has warned Akpabio about his remarks and that, if he keeps making them, he may even consider taking “drastic action” against him.

On the BBC Hausa programme, he stated: “It is well known that any employee who takes a leave of absence is entitled to a leave award. That is the amount of money we were given, and it is neither unique nor noteworthy.

“N2 million was given to all senators. And I’m saying this with a heavy heart because it’s him (Akpabio) who started all of this commotion.

“He gave the sense that we had been handed something unique or a large sum of money. What’s the big issue if I receive a senator’s allowance of N2 million? I instantly corrected him when he said something egregiously inappropriate for an elder.

In fact, if he continues to make unguarded remarks and treat us like children, we even intend to take extreme action against him.

The senators’ holiday allowance comes at a time when Nigerians are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the elimination of the petrol subsidy. As a result of the senators’ giving of holiday “tokens,” many people have expressed their ire and displeasure with them, believing that they don’t care about their predicament.

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